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Written by me and illustrated by the very amazing Ellan Rankin, ‘Our Wee Place’ follows the adventures of a little girl, Emily, and her Granda as they journey across Northern Ireland. Commissioned by the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) as part of the ‘Our Story in the Making’ programme which marked the centenary of Northern Ireland,  a copy of the book was offered to every child who started P1 in 2021 and copies were given to libraries across Northern Ireland.

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"This is just the sweetest story, full of love: love of specific places, love between generations and siblings, and love between small friends - even when they fall out. It’ll be such a special shared experience for the lucky children given it to enjoy, every word and image ❤️"
Imogen Russell Williams, Children's Books reviewer for The Guardian & TLS


As a wee girl growing up in Northern Ireland I never really saw places I knew or voices I recognised in any of the books that I read or had read to me. It felt very important to make sure that the children who read Our Wee Place can see themselves and hear themselves represented in these pages.


This is a story for ALL children in all communities in Northern Ireland and it celebrates the things I'm most proud of about where I'm from. It's a book that is hopeful, positive and inclusive.

Our Wee Place is not available to buy either from shops or from me directly - copies are available in schools and libraries across Northern Ireland

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