About Me:

I grew up in Northern Ireland, where I spent my childhood climbing on hay bales, rolling down sand-dunes and leaping the raw Atlantic waves. Nowadays I live in Wiltshire with my husband, three children and our mini-menagerie of pets and wild things.

I have always loved stories: I taught English in secondary schools for many years and I've worked in a theatre, a bookshop and a tiny pub where folk tell fairytales by candlelight. I firmly believe that stories are everywhere: through every keyhole; in every snippet of overheard chitchat; in the forgotten fingers of every lost glove... Pippi Longstocking (one of my all-time absolute total and utter heroes!) says "I'm a thing-searcher, you see!" I think I'm a story searcher! I feel so lucky to be able to spend my days searching for stories ... and writing them too of course!


All True…except the bit about speaking Russian.  I only wish that one was true too.

True or False???

  1. My second toe is longer than my first toe. 

  2. I have worked as an English teacher, a bookseller, a grapepicker, a human rights campaigner and a pirate captain.

  3. I have sent a message in a bottle.

  4. I have never found a message in a bottle, but I did once find a message on the string of a popped balloon.

  5. I can speak English, French, Italian, Russian and Cat.

  6. I once got stuck in a snowstorm with a human skeleton.